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What is BIM Objects?

BIM Objects

What is BIM Objects?

BIM Objects represent a geometrically-effective combination of the different information about the product’s functionality. The accurately presented geometrical characteristics allow placing a BIM Object in the right position of the project. BIM technology can also enable the precise visualization and evaluation of the product.

With BIM you can compare every aspect and property of the comparable items. It’s important or the modern construction project in the UK to be distinguished by the acute behavioral characteristics even at the virtual level. BIM creates opportunities to build a recognizable structure using the objects of any shape. We compile the BIM elements suitable for any UK construction project.

How we create BIM Objects?

We produce the BIM objects with the highest consistency, so you can be sure it will fit into the BIM structure as expected. Every dimension of a BIM Object and its appearance is as close to the real UK environment as possible. All our BIM Objects conform to the actual physical and geometric properties stated in the certification.

We can produce Revit families with Level of Detalisation (LOD) 300, 350 and 400. Depending on the requirements of your project we can make Revit families parametrical, add 2D symbols or fill BIM objects with necessary parameters. Also, the KarnoEnergy team will decrease the Revit family size to a minimum to make your model faster and work with better results.

Every benefit of the modern building information modeling (BIM) is at your disposal by the click of a mouse. You can quickly search through our BIM catalog to find samples of our work.

How to use BIM Objects?

Via a user-friendly interface, you can save the necessary elements to the BIM Library. The datum of each BIM Object is presented in a well-structured specification. You can modify your BIM objects to meet the requirements of the manufacturer \ project owner. The selection of BIM objects is constantly updated so you and your colleagues can work harmoniously. Reduce the cost of the construction and save your time while providing a benefit to the design.

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