Mechanical Ventilation Systems And Their Possibilities

To create regulated or unregulated air exchange mechanical ventilation is a requisite. Mechanical ventilation system guarantees the necessary technological or hygienic characteristics of the air (i.e. temperature, composition, humidity). A particularly significant parameter is the high-speed air flow. To feel comfortable, a person should not perceive the air masses movement.


What Is Mechanical Ventilation System?

Where natural ventilation is not enough, mechanical ventilation engineering comes to rescue. Fans, filters, air heaters comprising mechanical ventilation system in building move, clean and heat the air.

Whatever the weather is, with a properly designed system you will always feel comfortable. Our air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system can remove or supply air to ventilated rooms regardless of environmental conditions.


The Purpose Of Continuous Mechanical Ventilation System

Creating a comfortable air environment in «wet» rooms is why you need a continuous mechanical ventilation system. Kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms require a special mechanical ventilation design. Such systems can both actively supply fresh air and extract and re-use the air in the room.

An efficient filtration system is a crucial element of the outline as the air in large cities is polluted. Contact us to get the best solution for your own particular equipment’s installment. We’ll select the optimal type of ventilation for your facility and integrate it properly with other systems.