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Structural Drawings

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The All-embracing Structural Drawings

Our comprehensive approach allows us to consider the construction object as a whole unity.

It’s impossible to imagine the modern construction without structural engineering drawings. Thus, using structural drawings you can see the interconnections between all the elements of the building. This valuable feature lets you evaluate the changes that can occur if any constituent of the object is affected.

Our professionals take into account the characteristics of any material used in the construction project. No need to refer to some additional specifications and waste precious time.  Karno Energy meticulously describes every single detail of the future building, making structural drawings the main tool for productive work.

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What Is Structural Engineering Drawings?

Nowadays structural engineering drawings are the basis of any professional project in the construction area. Based on the architectural drawings data, structural drawings, however, include a large amount of extremely valuable information. Our structural drawings incorporate the data not only about the building’s load-bearing elements. All the materials, subsystems, and connection types are also noted.

The ability to trace the chain of reactions taking place when you modify any design element is invaluable. With KarnoEnergy, you can review even the smallest component of the structure through a general detailed model. In addition to this, our BIM approach enables to reduce the general amount of work on the one hand and improve the overall quality of the working process on the other hand. Use all the features of our structural drawings of buildings to reach the peak working efficiency.

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