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Public Health Engineering

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No one would argue that sanitation can’t be ignored in modern architecture. Water and waste systems, fire systems, drainage – these are only some basic elements this concept embraces. To design the perfect environment for the occupants of the building, KarnoEnergy’s public health engineers use the latest advances in this field and make sure the whole infrastructure will operate smoothly. No matter what task is on the agenda, supplying pure water or creating gas piping, our public health engineering consultants will do their best to finish the project the best way possible.

Is Public Health Engineering Worth Your Attention?

Any building must be reliable and meet the requirements of people who work or live there. Public health engineering is designed to make these notions come true. Every resident of the building wants to enjoy clean air and fresh drinking water.

To achieve this goal, we are concentrated on building services that are highly marked for their performance and convenience. Our water, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers design systems of various complexity and work together as a team. As a result, our projects are highly appreciated by such ratings as LEED, BREEAM, and others.

Public Health Engineering
public health engineering consultants

We Know How To Make Convenience a Good Habit

In KarnoEnergy we always try to see every project from the clients’ perspective. This is why we create buildings not only of decent quality but of ultimate convenience and easy maintenance as well. Our credo is to score twice before cutting once.
The initial stages of the project are especially important for they lay the foundation of the further working process.

Therefore, every client’s wish is discussed and calculated right from the start. Our public health engineers are responsible for the wide range of works: water supply, water pressures calculation, wastewater systems designs and water management systems installment.

public health engineering
public health engineering

You Want to Work with Professionals. Here We Are.

As you probably know, in addition to accurate engineering calculations, a good project requires 3D modeling and coordination with all engineering departments and architectural wishes. An accurate model that contains all the necessary information will be indispensable for the effective use of the building after the construction process.

All our specialists have more than 10 years of experience in BIM and are ready to help our clients with any puzzling questions. A high level of coordination between services allows us to achieve the results we are truly proud of. In addition to this, there’s no room for arbitrariness – all our work is transparent and free for discussion with every client.

Types of Public Health Services

Public Health 3D Modelling

In order to ensure maximum visibility of each project, we use Public Health 3D modelling techniques. Thus, we save time and improve the overall quality of calculations and design.

Public Health 3D Modelling

Public Health Coordination

Our principle of Public Health Coordination intensifies the team relationship within the different departments and enables to adjust various systems without common misunderstandings and delays.

Public Health Coordination

Public Health Fabrication Drawings

The production of public health fabrication drawings implies both modern computer software and efforts of the professional team of engineers. We have both.

Public Health Fabrication Drawings

Public Health As-Built Modelling

Like in every work, the final version of the project might differ from the original one. We imply laser scanning of buildings and BIM technologies in public health as-built modelling to state all the changes as clearly as possible.

Public Health As-Built Modelling

On The Edge of Tomorrow

KarnoEnergy has taken big steps to bring public health engineering to a brand new level. The introduction of digital design helped to find new labour resources all over the world and immensely save time necessary for the completion of projects. Building integrated modelling and new computer software like Revit or Navisworks made it possible to simplify the design of the whole infrastructure of the building on the one hand and make it more effective on the other hand. Whatever your goal is, we will achieve it together.

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Public Health 3D Modelling

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