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Plumbing BIM Services

Plumbing BIM Services And Why Engineers Absolutely Need It

The team of Karno Energy knows for sure; to build just a house is not enough. The comfort makes a home and well-planned services double this comfort. That’s why plumbing, heating, cooling and gas are so important. To make them work right from the start we use modern BIM solutions for plumbing. This BIM Plumbing allows us to create accurate digital models for all the systems in future houses. This approach to plumbing contributes to the better and most economic distribution of heating/cooling and water in the building.

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Plumbing BIM Services and Our Solutions

By Plumbing Detailing services Karno Energy offer our clients the following options:

  • Revit Modeling of plumbing systems;
  • Fire Protection Sprinkler systems;
  • Heating/cooling calculations;
  • Sanitary systems;
  • Domestic water supply sustems;
  • P&ID schemes
  • Condensate systems
  • Coordination of all MEP systems

Our great expertise with  Plumbing BIM Services allows us to provide support on every stage of the building’s life from drafting to installation with all the details. With us, you’ll learn all you need to build comfort.

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