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Mechanical Engineering

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If we compare any building with a living being, then ventilation, heating and cooling systems are its lungs and blood vessels. These mechanical services create a comfortable environment inside, that’s why their perfect design is priority number one for mechanical engineering consultants. Karno Energy’s mechanical engineers are ready to complete a wide range of BIM tasks in that particular field.

Mechanical Engineering In A Nutshell

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that mechanical engineering can be called fundamental in terms of construction’s life cycle. To be more exact, it’s not all about mechanics. Mechanical, electrical and public health engineering often go hand and we never forget about it.

To make sure every tool or machine works fine and the way it’s meant to do, mechanical consultancy has become an indispensable part of every construction project. Consequently, we offer complete building services for projects of all types. Thinking global is much better, isn’t it?

mechanical consultancy

Our Working Principles

Professionalism is above all. Karno Energy’s engineers persistently follow this credo in their work. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships and implement projects of the highest quality. Before every project is put into work, our mechanical engineers introduce the overall layout of all systems and subsystems that fall into the category of mechanical engineering services and explain all possible benefits to the client.

Let’s take for example mechanical ventilation setup. In addition to accurate aerodynamic calculations, cold and heat loads, our engineers analyze the convenience of equipment installation, its visual layout (which is very important for architects) and prepare a detailed specification of materials.

We are ready to support our clients at all stages of the project from concept to as-built documentation and to create together the perfect BIM model that will meet the BIM Level2 standards and contain all the necessary information.

mechanical engineering services
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We Will Not Let You Down

Being competent these days means combining standard mechanical engineering solutions with a creative touch. Our specialists try to follow the trends of implementing BIM digital techs in their working field.

Do you remember the time of good old blueprints? Well, now about 90 % of all work is performed on computers. Mechanical engineering consultants will be ready to show you the detailed image of any mechanical service you’d like to get.

We take advantage of the most advanced 3D modelling software available on the market like Revit, Navisworks etc. The powerful duo of technologies and trustworthy specialists will grant every project’s successful finish.

Types of Mechanical Services

Mechanical 3D Modelling

The name speaks for itself – Mechanical 3D modelling allows to present any structural element via a clear visual model. Such models help to save precious resources and speed up the working process.

Mechanical 3D Modelling

Mechanical Coordination

We arrange the building system components to fit all elements into their positions at the preliminary stages of the project. All necessary evaluations of dimensions and configurations are made to avoid delays in construction – this is what our mechanical coordination service is responsible for.

Mechanical Coordination

Mechanical Fabrication Drawings

To produce mechanical fabrication drawings, our company uses computer software of the latest generation. We strictly follow the best design standards, describe mechanical components in detail and make drawings comfortable for working on a construction site.

Mechanical Fabrication Drawings

Mechanical As-Built Modelling

To make sure every element is in its place, we also perform mechanical as-built modelling which allows to state geometry, locations and dimensions of a particular element in the project. If some changes were made, you’ll see it. To increase accuracy, we use laser scanning of buildings and then convert the point cloud to our BIM models.

Mechanical As-Built Modelling

Creativity as an Attitude to Life

We believe that Karno Energy wouldn’t have become prosperous without our constant passion for self-improvement. Mechanical engineers must be on the front edge of IT development. This is why our projects are based on the principles of building information modeling (BIM).

Briefly speaking, this means any building under analysis can be divided into structural elements. Thus we create the global interconnected network of the building where every element can be modified in real-time. Just click the button and see the relevant information right on the spot. Isn’t it the future?

BIM Modeling Services

Building Services Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Public Health Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Fire Sprinkler Systems

Mechanical 3D Modelling

  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Cooling/Air conditioning/VRF
  • Plant rooms

Mechanical Coordination
Mechanical Fabrication Drawings
Mechanical As-built Modelling

Public Health 3D Modelling

  • Foul Drainage (Wastes)
  • Rain Water Drainage
  • Water Services
  • Condensate Drainage

Public Health Coordination
Public Health Fabrication Drawings
Public Health As-built Modelling/Drawings

Electrical 3D Modelling

  • Small Power & Data
  • Lighting Consultants
  • Fire Alarm System

Electrical Coordination
Electrical Fabrication Drawings
Electrical As-Built Modelling/Drawings

Fire Sprinkler 3D modelling
Fire Sprinkler Coordination
Fire sprinkler Fabrication Drawings
Fire sprinkler As-Built Modelling/Drawings

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Precast Detailing
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