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Fire Sprinkler System

Why Choose Fire Sprinkler System Design?

Each client can note the high reliability, ease of adjustment and very low percentage of random operation.

As a standard, fire sprinkler system design has wide practical application. We can find this installation at production facilities, non-production premises and in public places. The use of automatic fire sprinkler system design in such places simplifies the process of fire neutralization and doesn’t cost much. Using our system you can be sure that your building is diligently protected. Karno Energy knows how to create reliable systems capable of stopping fire in a large area.

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Sprinkler System Is The Best Solution For Any Building

The design of a residential sprinkler system contains a fire extinguishing agent under pressure. An extensive pipe network is created in the room, on its ceiling. At each spraying position there is a special fire-responsive, self-actuating water sprinkler.

The fire sprinkler system by Karno Energy is continuously ready to dispense the extinguishing fluid. The pressure in the pipes is constant, created by the hydraulic pump. Thus, the systems designed with the help of BIM approach we perform have extremely low chances for malfunction.

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Get To Know Fire Sprinkler System 3d Modeling

Normally, the system is easier to mount in accordance with the help of fire sprinkler 3D modeling. You can put the layout parameters into the software and calculate the optimal location of the sprinkler line.

To achieve the best result, it’s important to correctly draw up the plan taking into account the coverage area of the desired diameter. With fire sprinkler modeling you can balance the sprinkler system and select the suitable device design. Our qualified employees, specializing in the designing and commissioning of fire safety systems, are ready to help you.