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Fire Engineering

As you know, it’s almost impossible to find two absolutely identical buildings. Considering various existing types of structures, KarnoEnergy’s fire engineers are ready to suggest the best possible way of introducing fire safety design within the given parameters of the building.

No doubt that fire prevention is one of the crucial things architects and build owners must think of. You don’t want to lose the fruits of many professionals’ labour because of the little spark or an accidental short circuit that led to a fire.

This is why risk assessment procedures performed in accordance with general fire science requirements are truly indispensable. When you address to KarnoEnergy, you make a perfect investment in the resilience and safety.

What Is Fire Engineering?

As the name suggests, fire engineers are responsible for making the structure as fire-resistant as possible. Right from the Great Fire of London, history has taught people to be cautious of that devastating element.

Generally speaking, fire protection engineering is the application of modern scientific methods and principles aimed at protecting people from possible damage caused by fire, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Planning standards for fire safety, installment of highly resource-efficient fire suppression systems, improvement of a standard fire safety design, fire escape and smoke management – these are just some concerns for our fire consultants.

fire engineering
fire science

This Is How We Do Our Duties

KarnoEnergy’s engineers are not just a group of separately working individuals. Our priority is to combine the fire safety expertise with flexibility and creative nature of decisions to achieve the result that will totally satisfy the client. Inspection bodies put forward rigid demands on the public safety matter. In case of possible drawbacks, like malfunctions of fire sprinkler systems, the owner of the building will be fined and the building itself might even be closed for use.

KarnoEnergy knows how to avoid this unlucky experience. Our fire safety engineers will design the fire systems and introduce fire-fighting measures that will perfectly match the needs of any required construction object.

Apart from that, our team has experience with BIM software that allows us to get a more detailed perspective of the entire working area on the one hand and speed up the completion of the project in general.

fire sprinkler systems
fire consultant

This Is Why We Do Them Well

A typical fire consultant usually follows standard guidelines of fire safety protocols that are accepted by this or that country. Recognizing their importance, KarnoEnergy is ready to offer our clients construction projects that will bring to life original ideas incorporated with the necessary building design.

Right from the initial stages of development, we take guidance over the overall fire management system to secure its sustainability and functionality. Our fire engineers are trained to determine the possible sources of fire in the building and the most endangered areas.

As a counter-measure, we are able to calculate the behavior of materials and structural elements in case of extremely high temperatures, to choose the best fire-extinguishing systems of active or passive fire protection and make evacuation plans and routes. All this is possible for a wide range of buildings – retail stores, residential or commercial sectors, offices, data centers or even scientific facilities.

Types of Fire Services

Fire Sprinkler 3D Modelling

To make the process of installment less complicated for labour services, we offer Fire Sprinkler 3D modelling which enables to mark the right spot for every sprinkler and connect it to the water supply system in real-time.

Fire Sprinkler 3D Modelling
design of a residential sprinkler system

Fire Sprinkler Coordination

Our Fire Sprinkler Coordination consultants will help the client to choose the appropriate fire-fighting equipment and coordinate its installation in connection with electrical and mechanical services.

Fire Sprinkler Coordination

Fire Sprinkler Fabrication Drawings

When the point is to create Fire Sprinkler Fabrication drawings, we are ready to assist with that task by using the latest computer software and the efforts of the whole group of professionals.

Fire Sprinkler Fabrication Drawings
Public Health Fabrication drawings
as-built drawing

Fire Sprinkler As-Built Modelling

To find out that every single element of the fire system has been placed correctly, we also perform Fire Sprinkler As-built modeling. To increase overall accuracy, we resort to BIM and laser scanning techniques.

Fire Sprinkler As-Built Drawings

We Are Always Ready to Give a Helping Hand

Human life is probably the most precious thing in the universe. KarnoEnergy and our fire engineering consultants stand guard over your safety and safety of any building’s occupants.

Implementing the latest advances in the field of BIM and 3D modelling, we are sure of the final result – creating the well-protected environment for every person who visits or lives in it.

Besides, we are ready to support our clients at all stages of the project from concept to as-built documentation and to create together the perfect BIM model that will meet the BIM Level2 standards and contain all the necessary information.

BIM Modeling Services