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Fabrication Drawings

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What Are Fabrication Drawings?

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It’s crucial to create the Fabrication drawings properly. Usually, it indicates all the dimensions necessary for the manufacturing process. Also, fabrication drawing contains technical requirements that are directly related to the specifics of the part. Fabrication drawings have notes on the material, hardness of surface, finish requirements and other additional data.

Fabrication drawings
types of Fabrication drawings

Types Of Fabrication Drawings

Typically, all these drawings are divided into three categories. The first one is single detail drawings, showing all the dimensioned features. The drawings of the second type present an assembly; sometimes they also specify the spare parts and materials. And the third type is the general drawings, the basis, depicting the whole project itself.

Mechanical Fabrication Drawings

Mechanical systems occupy a significant part of the floor in the plan, so there are often cases when drawings become NOT readable due to a great number of symbols and elements.

In order to create high-quality drawings, you need to use the correct scale, think about the division of engineering systems into sheets, and most importantly understand what information the installers will need at the facility, and which can be described simply in the explanatory note.

We are professionals in this matter since all our specialists regularly travel to construction sites and work closely with installation organizations.

Public Health Fabrication drawings
fabrication drawing

Public Health Fabrication Drawings

To ensure the environment in the building is safe for its residents, has supplies of fresh drinking water and minimal possibilities of getting injured, Public Health Fabrication drawings must not skip every small detail of that particular area. We know the needs of these specific facilities and ready to meet them.

Electrical Fabrication Drawings

Use Electrical Fabrication drawings to simplify the fabrication, material ordering and installation of the electrical circuits or providing the building with various lighting systems.

Fire Sprinkler Fabrication Drawings

To get the applicable and sufficient protection system the Fire sprinkler Fabrication drawings are irreplaceable. Since this particular criterion of any building’s safety is considered to be most crucial not only by common people but by inspection bodies as well, its proper functionality must not be neglected.