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Electrical Engineering

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Despite the evident supremacy of the digital era, most devices and systems can’t function without electrical energy. The same goes for buildings and their infrastructure. Even such thing as water supply in a building can’t be done on its own.

When it comes to the safe and economical distribution of energy within a particular area, be sure KarnoEnergy’s electrical engineers will show their profound expertise in electrical engineering. There is a wide range of tasks falling under the definition of electrical engineering design.

Every plug, socket, and wire must be installed correctly and, what’s no less important, with convenience for end-users. This is the priority number one for a good electrical consultant.

The Importance of Electrical Engineering

Any building owner or architect must consider hundreds of tricky aspects to make the structure as resilient and comfortable as possible. Since all structural and building services systems are interconnected, it’s absolutely crucial to pay evenly great attention to each of them. Electrical engineers deal with all sorts of electrical equipment, its maintenance, and repair works.

A decent electrical design consultant is responsible for advising a client the best way of establishing power, lighting and communications systems within a certain area. Our company is proud to work with only certified electrical specialists. Their serious approach to each working mission helps to cope both with minor and more complicated tasks.

electrical engineering
electrical engineering design

Our Working Principles

Staying on the edge of modern technologies, KarnoEnergy’s engineers are ready to carry out various tasks in the sphere of electrical engineering. Our electrical design consultants work in close connection with other services (public health, fire, and mechanical departments) throughout the project and provide quality support during the construction process.

No matter what facility is in sight, retail, commercial property or a residential object, KarnoEnergy follows the rule of three Ps – professionalism, persistence, punctuality. Strict adherence to these principles has already gained us the reputation of a reliable partner. And more is yet to come.

electrical engineering consultants
electrical consulting engineers

KarnoEnergy? A Perfect Choice Indeed!

A smart electrical engineer knows his weak and strong points. In KarnoEnergy we’d rather not overestimate our employees’ individual successes or exaggerate failures. Being a team means working in a team. The high degree of coordination and mutual assistance allows us to achieve goals more effectively. This is how it becomes possible to cope with load computations, lighting design, grounding and bonding procedures, energy audits, utilities consultancy and what not. Any matter connected with electricity and energy can become our professional concern.

What is more, we resort to the latest advances in electrical engineering, like BIM and 3D modelling. Over the years of our work, we have developed a large database of Revit families that allow us to quickly change the model in accordance with the requests of the client or architects. Our engineers personally create detailed Revit families from LOD 200 to LOD 500 based on manufacturers’ technical documentation.

Types of Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical 3D Modelling

This approach let us create engineering documentation faster, besides, it becomes of a much higher quality. Electrical 3D modelling is definitely the technology of tomorrow.

Electrical 3D Modelling

Electrical Coordination

Thanks to our electrical Coordination principle, the risk of misunderstanding between various services on the construction site is practically nullified.

Electrical Coordination

Electrical Fabrication Drawings

If the goal is to create electrical Fabrication drawings, the recipe for success is simple – KarnoEnergy + the latest computer software we resort to.

Electrical Fabrication Drawings

Electrical As-Built Modelling

To make sure every element of the system has been properly installed, we also do electrical As-built modelling. Its aim is to demonstrate whether any changes were introduced in comparison to the initial planning.

Electrical As-Built Modelling

Our Clients Get What They Want And Need

Implementing new energy ideas in the working process, like smart lighting controls, we are determined to increase the possible benefit for a client and to exclude unnecessary risks. With the support of highly-qualified team and hi-techs, this becomes more than just a pretty tagline. Addressing to us, you may be sure of the simple fact – your energy level will never drop to zero.

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