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Building Services Engineering

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As you probably know, building services engineering is crucial for the whole construction process. Karno Energy provides services of Mechanical, Electrical, Public Health Engineering and Fire Sprinkler Systems design. Every building must have properly calculated and adjusted heating, cooling, lighting systems. Karno Energy knows how to effectively create, design and implement any part of these systems in any necessary building.

Building Services Engineering – What’s It All About?

When it comes to constructing a building or creating a building services project, there’s no room for mistakes. This is why a modern engineer must be qualified to perform proper building services engineering. No matter what type of building is at work, whether it is the project of hotel, office, residential, arts or any other sort of buildings, our engineers will find the most elegant and effective way to bring it to life.

Building Services Engineering
building services project

Our Team Knows How To Find A Perfect Solution To The Problem

The building design process can be quite complicated depending on the great number of parameters. Building services engineers regularly face various challenges they need to successfully cope with. Clashes of inner systems, accidental malfunctions, structural disturbances – the list of different invocations for building services engineers might go on and on.

To prevent delays and additional expenses, our building services consultants are ready to assist clients in the questions of the design of efficiently ventilation, heating and cooling, energy-saving, water consumption and the ways it can be reduced.

Our engineers have deep experience worldwide and are familiar with the UK, European Union and UAE building standards. We are ready to implement all our best BIM practices for new projects of our clients and achieve better efficiency in the use of financial and energy resources.

building services engineering consultants

These Are The Services We Offer

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical services mainly deal with the questions of correct design and installment of ventilation, heating and cooling systems. Our experts in this field are responsible for creating the best option of all these systems distribution and their proper functioning throughout the whole life cycle of the building.

Mechanical Engineering
Public health engineering

Public Health Engineering

The most important thing to know about public health services is that they are literally vital for every human being in the building.

  • How to extinguish possible fires?
  • How to purify the water and make it potable?
  • How to organize safe and eco-friendly water and wastewater systems?

These are some of the questions our engineers have to answer effectively on a regular basis.

Public Health Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Lights out? No, if engineers of electrical services are on duty. Every piece of wire capable of conducting electricity is a potential weak spot in the safety of the building. To minimize possible risks of damaging infrastructure and energy, water lines, we perform a comprehensive analysis of all electrical communications of the building. From lighting design to power distribution questions, we do it right.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Fire Engineering

Fire Engineering

Fire services are responsible for preventing unexpected fires, making up the best evacuation routes and installing fire suppression systems. Believe us, fire engineering is not the option you’d like to save money on.

Fire Engineering

Being Creative? Great Idea!

Some of building engineering consultants prefer to stick to good old ways of dealing with possible problems. However, the rapid development of computer techs allows to resort to advanced software in the field of design and building construction.

One of the most significant tools of that kind is building information modelling (BIM). In Karno Energy we possess solid experience of working with BIM on different stages of project realization. Whether you are an architect or a building owner, you will definitely appreciate the advantages of the BIM approach.

BIM Modeling Services

Building Services Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Public Health Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Fire Sprinkler Systems

Mechanical 3D Modelling

  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Cooling/Air conditioning/VRF
  • Plant rooms

Mechanical Coordination
Mechanical Fabrication Drawings
Mechanical As-built Modelling

Public Health 3D Modelling

  • Foul Drainage (Wastes)
  • Rain Water Drainage
  • Water Services
  • Condensate Drainage

Public Health Coordination
Public Health Fabrication Drawings
Public Health As-built Modelling/Drawings

Electrical 3D Modelling

  • Small Power & Data
  • Lighting Consultants
  • Fire Alarm System

Electrical Coordination
Electrical Fabrication Drawings
Electrical As-Built Modelling/Drawings

Fire Sprinkler 3D modelling
Fire Sprinkler Coordination
Fire sprinkler Fabrication Drawings
Fire sprinkler As-Built Modelling/Drawings

Structural Engineering


Building Information Modelling

Structural BIM
Steel Detailing
Precast Detailing
3D Modelling
Fabrication (Construction) Drawings

Architectural BIM
3D Modelling
Poin Cloud Modelling
Drafting Services
Revit BIM Services