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Building Information Modelling

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What Building Information Modelling (BIM) Means To The Modern Construction

Producing a 3D modelling project, you evaluate the internal and external appearance of the building, the equipment and devices used. BIM modelling takes into account all the nuances and eliminates possible mistakes during the project’s implementation.

In fact, the architectural plan creation, even with (BIM) Building Information Modelling, is the most budgetary stage of construction. Still, some companies prefer «traditional» paper drawings. But the human factor leads to mistakes, and the costs or various delays are expanding dramatically. Every Karno Energy’s BIM engineer is aware of the possible consequences of improperly installed elements or miscalculations on all stages of construction. BIM modelling can help to get rid of that failures.  

While being some sort of a virtual prototype, BIM offers its users all advantages of digital approach. For instance, in Building Information Modelling (BIM), if you change one element, the same happens to all the others which save time for any updates. Increase the size of the basement – the 3d BIM modeling program shows how it affects the power grid. That information – from materials to heating/cooling loads or water pressure figures – can be called truly vital when it comes to implementing theoretical assessments in real life.

Karno Energy uses the modern software resources to combine all the data about the structure into a wholesome model, which can later take into account such values as time, quantity and cost (4D and 5D models respectively)

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BIM Modelling - A Resource-efficient Method

No matter how ambitious the project is, it’s adjusted during the construction process because of the design peculiarities. Our BIM consultants know how to offer the best experience of BIM for your particular needs. To add to this, Karno Energy’s BIM engineer will be able to present all the necessary data using the latest computer software, like Revit, Navisworks, etc. Using the BIM tools, we calculate all the parameters and affecting factors, external, internal and even random.

Whatever system of the building you’re working on, all the other technical specialists see the changes you’re making. During this collaborative work, technicians assess how the new parameters affect their area of responsibility. The engineers of various specializations can work on one facility at the same time. This is a convenient practice, especially when the project is large-scale and complex.

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Our Engineers’ Priority Tasks

Undoubtedly, building information modeling is helping to track the building’s life cycle from beginning to end. It’s a laborious process to build a facility; you need a group of qualified creative specialists. To accurately estimate the cost using BIM modelling facilitates the work greatly.

Consulting Karno Energy, you can regulate all the activities throughout the cycle. Spend no money in vain; BIM makes material assessment available. Quick calculation of future performance is also an advantage. Using BIM building we view the facility a business entity. We practice BIM to control the repairs, reconstruction, restoration and strengthening of the various structures.

Increasingly Effective BIM Technologies At Your Service

Building information modeling makes it possible to accumulate and save information in the high-tech and convenient way. Make adjustments and upgrade the model whenever you want. The qualification of any Karnoenergy’s BIM engineer eliminates errors in the interfaces between the building itself and its engineering networks. At Karno Energy, we follow global trends in BIM development.

We are constantly improving our workflow and striving to achieve maximum efficiency to ensure the shortest possible time for project implementation. In addition to traditional programs we’ve mentioned above, we use cloud applications such as BIM 360, BIM Track and others. To solve each specific problem, our engineers use Dynamo scripts and plug-ins of our own production.

When you order a project from us, the result provided by 3D BIM modeling meets the latest technological standards. The region of the works execution or the building’s functionality can be of any difficulty. No factor will stop our BIM consultants from performing an excellent presentation of their skills. We are ready to deliver a BIM solution with the appropriate technical characteristics for any client. The resulting BIM model can be constantly transformed and upgraded. Get the opportunity to expand your project’s potential today.