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BIM Revit Family Creation

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BIM Revit Family Creation - An Efficient Solution For Digital Modeling

Project design is long process that demand time and accuracy. Thus, dedicated professionals seek modern compatible solutions to optimize their work. One of these solutions and the choice of Karno Energy team is BIM Revit families. We’re sure it’s perfect solution for creating smart content and expanding the informativeness of the model.

Expert option for building team is BIM Revit family creation as this soft from Autodesk was specially launched to design models of buildings, landscapes, and communications. Revit family creation allows creating projects easily, quickly, and stores information from every stage.

Revit Families
Revit Families

BIM Revit Family/Content Creation

The company of Karno Energy uses deep knowledge, practical experience and own family base in a working process. With them, we can realize any project our clients want to see. Revit family creation suggests many essential elements or so-called families for buildings and other models. And for communications, there is Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP which helps to draw models of mechanical equipment, architectural and structural elements.

Every model in Revit consists of several parts or BIM Objects. They are:

  • Categories. This group is basic and cannot be edited by the user;
  • Families. BIM revit families can be basic and loadable. 
  • Types. They are like a set of characteristic features for every element of the system. Users can edit them.

This structure opens many ways for creativeness and gives many possibilities. We can make not just architectural object but a piece of art. If basic families are not enough, just create custom Revit family.

The team of Karno Energy are masters in their sphere. We’ll make sure your project will be successful.

“First rule of engineering; beware prototypes. Along with, avoid anything made by an engineer who doesn't have all his own fingers.”

BIM Revit Family Creation FAQ

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