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MEP BIM Services – The Basic Things To Know

Every building, huge or modest in size, is a fruit of many professionals’ labors. From initial stages of construction up to its finishing touches – only strategic planning and constant collaboration of engineers and workers will guarantee the compliance of all safety requirements. Very often this harmony might be difficult to achieve.

However, Karno Energy knows how it must be done. Through MEP BIM services, we are able to perform effective analysis of internal communications’ distribution. MEP modeling allows creating a detailed description and visualization of engineering systems via Revit MEP and NavisWorks software.

Along with that, BIM MEP designing process simplifies the coordination of teams on site and helps to perform clash detection on the preconstruction stage.

BIM MEP Services
BIM MEP Services

MEP Services Include

  • MEP modeling in Revit MEP
  • Coordination in Navisworks
  • Preliminary 2D sketches of the project
  • The conversion of sketches into a dynamic 3D model
  • Quantity takeoffs and time estimation
  • Visualization in Lumion

Besides, MEP consultants in Karno Energy are ready to offer a high-quality structural and design analysis of the communications’ dislocation within the perimeter of the building. The results of it will reduce the overall risk of possible clashes. MEP projects can detect such hazards in a real-time fashion.

BIM MEP Services
BIM MEP Services

Mechanical BIM Services

A building’s mechanical design is composed of heating, cooling, ventilation and exhaustion systems. To secure the reliable functionality of all elements, Karno Energy offers Mechanical BIM Services for out potential clients. Mechanical BIM models allow us to see the entire HVAC aspect of the building and make all necessary changes at a proper time.

Mechanical BIM Services Include
  • Mechanical systems design
  • Heating/Cooling losses calculation
  • Ductwork and Pipework modelling
  • Plantroom modelling
  • Fabrication Drawings
Mechanical BIM Services
Mechanical BIM Services
Electrical BIM Services

Electrical BIM Services

Sometimes it takes weeks to distribute lighting fixtures precisely or mark fire alarm locations according to safety regulations. Value your time. Karno Energy brings the ideas of Electrical BIM Services to a whole new level. Combining utter convenience and impeccable visual representation, an electrical model of the building saves not only time but money as well.

Electrical BIM Services include
  • Evolving the concept design of fixtures and switches wiring
  • Rooting the cable trays right in the BIM model
  • Small Power & Data modelling
  • Lighting modelling
Electrical BIM Services

Public Health BIM Services

Karno Energy has practical experience of dealing with various in-house piping systems. From Plumbing Drafting to Plumbing Detailing Services, from water to gas, our team is ready to perform a comprehensive analysis of all pipeline communications in the building through Plumbing BIM services.

Plumbing BIM Services include
  • High and low level drainage modelling
  • Condensate modelling
  • Domestic water services modelling
  • Sprinkler fire protection modelling
  • The selection of the necessary equipment
  • Modeling of sanitary fixtures or other elements via BIM software
Plumbing BIM Services
public health engineering consultants

As you see, the MEP system is a complex unity of interrelated components. To bring all of them in order and avoid unpleasant miscalculations, consider using modern software. If you do, Karno Energy will be happy to cooperate.

“Science is about knowing, engineering is about doing.”

BIM MEP Services FAQ