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BIM Coordination

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BIM Coordination – Do It Right!

Our professional experts in coordination know how to lead projects from initial stages up to their successful completion using the latest advances in the field of BIM.

         At first, you might think that BIM coordination is just another line in your cost sheet. Please, don’t be hasty. If your construction project involves great budgets and labour efforts, you just don’t want things to turn into a complete chaos. To avoid it, it’s highly advisable to hire a coordination consultant. He will help to organize the effective work of teams on and out of the construction site. For instance, the process of MEP coordination includes regular office meetings, brainstorming, project reviewing, and creation of MEP coordination drawings.

3D BIM coordination
BIM coordination

What Are The Advantages of BIM Coordination?

When BIM coordination services take the lead, the overall improvements are just around the corner. BIM approach allows visualizing the general outlook of the project in a highly interactive environment.

To ensure the best results, we perform MEP coordination for all range of projects. To add to this, BIM coordination meeting enables to estimate cost and design issues based on the context of past experience and create new models of construction progress.

3D BIM Coordination – Be On The Edge of Technology

We provide 3D BIM coordination services for all kinds of facilities, commercial, industrial or residential. As for the internal equipment installation, 3D MEP coordination will guarantee faster completion dates and improved overall quality of performance.

BIM coordination
3D BIM coordination

BIM Modeling Services

Mechanical BIM Modelling

MEP Engineering

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  • Plant rooms

Mechanical Coordination
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Public Health BIM Modelling

  • Foul Drainage (Wastes)
  • Rain Water Drainage
  • Water Services
  • Condensate Drainage

Public Health Coordination
Public Health Fabrication Drawings
Public Health As-built Modelling/Drawings

Electrical BIM Modelling

  • Small Power & Data
  • Lighting Consultants
  • Fire Alarm System

Electrical Coordination
Electrical Fabrication Drawings
Electrical As-Built Modelling/Drawings

Fire Sprinkler 3D modelling
Fire Sprinkler Coordination
Fire sprinkler Fabrication Drawings
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