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Air Conditioning

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What Air Conditioning Building Services Imply

Discover the possibilities of the high-tech air system design

Typically, a central air conditioning system in the building has a complex structural scheme. It’s capable of supplying airflow for several dozen rooms at the same time, though it can condition one large room. Air conditioning system design can provide only cooling, only heating, or both cooling and heating.

Most often, central air conditioning building services are used in the facilities with numerous floors, offices, and premises. Such air conditioning building services are able to create a certain microclimate in each room, observing the necessary indicators.

air conditioning service
air conditioning service

What Is Air Conditioning Mechanical Engineering?

There’s a great variety of air conditioning engineering services. Devices for the apartments, office buildings and industrial premises are comprised in air conditioning mechanical engineering. These systems require a detailed scheme by which air ducts, ventilation outlets, and all the necessary devices will be installed.

Automation of air conditioning system in building is achieved using additional equipment. The air flow can move separately, subject to certain parameters of humidity, purification, temperature, and speed. The development of modern technology allows us to design a circuit that meets the requirements of a particular customer.

Types of Mechanical Cooling Systems We Offer

Modern mechanical cooling systems possess different structural features, like the amount of fresh air intake. You can order the direct-flow or recirculation one, single or dual-channel, single-zone or split-air system. Any air conditioning system design represents a complex network of air ducts, air distributors and auxiliary devices.

The specified parameters of the air masses, like humidification or dehumidification level have to be observed also. Our modern cooling systems are notable for high stability and quality. There are various technical solutions for a wide range of industries.

We provide models for all temperatures and types of ventilation systems. Besides, we can offer an excellent and inexpensive solution for maintaining comfortable temperatures in living accommodations, supermarkets or industrial facilities.

air conditioning building services
air conditioning system in building

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