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What is Public Health Engineering?

Simply put, public health engineers are responsible to ensure that a building’s residents or workers are breathing clean air, have access to ultra-pure water, develop and design essential tools that prevent health catastrophes within the range of the engineer’s capabilities. The KarnoEnergy public health engineers and public health engineering consultants exceed our client expectations.

Some of the basic elements that are classified under Public Health include the following systems: water, waste, fire, and drainage. One of our biggest goals for future residents or professionals of a building we work on is for them to love it in regard to sanitation, safety, comfortability. KarnoEnergy’s public health engineering consultants implement the latest advances, promising to do everything in our power to present a complete and operationally sound infrastructure in relation to their health.

Public Health Benefits

We work diligently to make every aspect of public health clear, reliable, and optimally functioning. Residents or professionals tend to not second guess the fact that they’re drinking clean and breathing clear.

The health of those who will live or work in our buildings is something we take seriously. KarnoEnergy’s civil engineers collaborate with mechanical and electrical engineers to accomplish the very best result possible. Let’s look at waste and water systems as an example. These systems must be optimally – designed, and are in fact, essential to create sustainable and healthy buildings and long-term comfort for its inhabitants.

There will always be challenges that arise but knowing how to navigate through it is our specialty. KarnoEnergy supplies ultra-pure water, always navigating through a clean water cycle. Creating sustainable, long-term solutions is the overall goal.

Going to Green?

Green building programs such as LEED, (U.S.), and BREEAM, (U.K.), have revolutionized and simplified options for climate-conscious professionals and building residents. Such programs help ensure:

  • Savings on energy at maximum levels
  • Water efficiency
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cleaner, healthier quality of indoor air
  • Regulate and utilize resources
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs

Convenience: A Must-Have Commodity

Putting our feet in the shoes of our clients is a practice we deem essential. Karno Energy always begins with this necessary perspective, which aides us to gain a complete grasp of the exactness of their needs and wants. Convenience, simplicity, and maintenance are all taken into account. Our credo: “Score twice before cutting once”.

Laying a solid foundation for the planning and strategizing stage is an especially crucial component to our team’s overall progress and end goal. Discussions are aptly followed by calculations to gauge the visions of clients.

Karno Energy’s public health engineers work in harmony with all team members to produce precise results in regard to water pressure, waste systems, and the installation of water management systems.

Public Health Engineering Consultants

KarnoEnergy’s public health engineering consultants meet them straight on, and with a clear plan. From the drainage and fire-suppression systems to promising the workers or residential dwellers that the water they get, is the cleanest they CAN get. Delivering on our promises and get the results our clients truly demand.

Our public health engineers are highly skilled at creating and implementing design systems for water that exceed client expectations. Our civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers bring the brightest energy ideas and plumbing solutions to fruition, making it a reality.

They can optimize and construct virtually, with the assistance of our mechanical department, independent systems of drainage. This is in direct accordance with the solutions our team brings to the table regularly.

One of our many missions is to always meet requirements, (although we like to exceed our own expectations), for the well-being of those who will ultimately inhabit the building is a MUST. People need to enjoy the space they occupy, but safety is a priority.

Our public health engineering consultants here at KarnoEnergy, make it their mission to understand the importance and urgency of having clean air and pure water. Collaboration between all departments is essential to guaranteeing optimal results.


Our Key Points in the Public Health Consultancy

It is our business to be experts in the field of building modelling services and anything related to this field. Our consultants understand the importance of fire suppression systems within a building’s infrastructure. We hire the smartest and brightest in the field, many of whom are civil engineers themselves.

KarnoEnergy’s public health engineering consultants have extensive knowledge in providing consultation, concerning – water cycles, water/wastewater, and drainage systems, plumbing solutions, independent systems, and many other related systems.

KarnoEnergy’s public health engineering consultants work with piping specialists, civil engineers, and mechanical and electrical experts, providing our clients a complete public health education if needed.

In harmony and accordance with our electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering consultants, KarnoEnergy provide integrated services within buildings. Collaboration with our civil and water experts give an added layer of protection of the plumbing infrastructure, bettering the overall water cycle.


Looking for Professionals? Look No Further

Taking big yet measured steps brings public health to a whole new and exciting level. With digital design, finding new labor resources on an international level saves a load of time.

Integrating building modelling, Revit, and Navisworks is immensely helpful software. By implementing and utilizing the right tools, we guide our clients toward true greatness.

All our specialists have more than 10 years of experience in BIM and ready to help our clients with any puzzling questions. A high level of coordination between services allows us to achieve the results we are truly proud of.

In addition to this, there’s no room for arbitrariness – all our work is transparent and free for discussion with every client.

Our Modelling Services

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