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What Is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering services include mechanical ventilation, heating, and cooling. KarnoEnergy aims to design these features flawlessly, yet pleasing to the eye. Designing efficient and comfortable spaces should also make sense economically. With this in mind, KarnoEnergy’s mechanical experts and consultants take you through each step of the desired service. Rest assured, owners and builders alike, want and usually demand perfect; KarnoEnergy always delivers.

Expanding on comfort with a balanced design, while utilizing cost-efficient resources is only a small insight into our best practices. Along with having a beautiful atmosphere, is the air quality itself. Breathing is rather vital for humans to live, wouldn’t you say? KarnoEnergy doesn’t take this rudimentary fact for granted. Using the latest advances in building information modelling and mechanical engineering, we’re able to promise clean air circulation.

We are among the leaders in building information modelling and mechanical consultancy in the UK. Our specialists know how to assist our clients to implement proven energy-efficient solutions in mechanical ventilation, heating and cooling systems with a key goal; providing long-term value to those we serve.

Our Professional Approach

The manner in which professionals conduct themselves matters. Karno Energy believes in leading by example. Our goal is always to build long-term relationships along with implementing the highest quality standards.

Looking at mechanical engineering services as necessary and essential is something we pride ourselves in and take very seriously. The buildings that are designed and planned with KarnoEnergy are always highly attractive and inviting, easily maintainable, adaptable, and designed with the client in mind.

Prior to every project, our mechanical engineers present the full layout of systems and subsystems within their services and break down the benefits to the client.

Looking at a relative example, the mechanical ventilation setup requires accurate aerodynamic calculations, an analysis of the installed equipment, a visual layout for architects, and a detailed audit of all required materials through a collaborative approach.

Mechanical Engineering and BIM - How It Works

Mechanical engineering, in and of itself is complex. KarnoEnergy believes in providing clear, simple, and beautiful solutions with long-term value at the forefront of our mechanical engineering consulting service. Mechanical engineering is among the pivotal services within building information modelling and 3D modelling.

The world is seemingly in a state of constant change. Staying current on building design, mechanical design, and the infrastructure as a whole is crucial to us and undoubtedly, our clients whom we proudly serve.

By integrating mechanical and electrical engineering, and thus delivering complete specifications and guidelines, KarnoEnergy can more aptly identify lingering issues or problems. KarnoEnergy is UK’s leader in excellence in mechanical engineering consulting services.

The buildings that we, here at KarnoEnergy design and work on, are produced with the client in mind. Low-energy, low-maintenance, low-cost projects within the building information modelling industry.

Customer Support by Karno Energy

Mechanical engineering consists of a variety of scientific applications which when applied correctly, help your climate control systems keep you comfortable year-round. At KarnoEnergy, we understand these complex principles and strive to make them as clear and as accessible for our clients as possible. We then incorporate those concepts into our design process to create a comfortable, efficient, and cost-effective facility for our clients.

Client support at all stages of a project, from concept to result, is crucial for us to grow. Karno Energy mechanical engineers will work tirelessly to create the perfect BIM model and have it meet BIM level 2 standards as well as accommodating information.

Our proven mechanical engineering process allows us to design a complete system that is integral to the building as a whole, rather than an afterthought. Our synergistic approach allows us to multiply the effects of the heating and cooling system with optimal duct routing while accounting for the solar load to ensure the environment stays comfortable under even the most extreme weather conditions.


Mechanical Engineering Consulting

Mechanical engineering is a fundamental step in the life cycle of the building process, although it’s not about mechanics alone. Mechanical, electrical, and public health are all-encompassing. KarnoEnergy deploys its mechanical consultants to ensure each tool and machine is working effectively and efficiently.

Our consultants are an indispensable part of the KarnoEnergy team. Their feedback is valued in every aspect of the construction process. KarnoEnergy offers complete building services for every type of project, regardless of size.

As mechanical engineering experts, we do so much more than crunch numbers. We design and consult on heating and cooling systems that provide our clients with an effortless user experience with reliable results 365 days a year. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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