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What Is Building Services Engineering

Some building engineering consultants prefer to stick to good old ways of dealing with possible problems. However, the rapid development of computer techs allows resorting to advanced software in the field of design and building construction.

One of the most significant tools of that kind is building information modelling (BIM). In Karno Energy, we possess solid experience of working with BIM on different stages of project realization. Whether you are an architect or a building owner, you will definitely appreciate the advantages of the BIM approach.

Mechanical Engineering

We look at buildings as if they’re living, breathing beings. Just like a person needs their heart, lungs, and arteries to function properly, the buildings we design must run efficiently and be completely optimized.

The ventilation, heating, and cooling systems are the arteries, lungs, and heart of a building. Karno Energy’s expert mechanical engineers understand this and have the skills to deliver within a given field, both expeditiously and professionally.

Why is Mechanical Engineering Important?

Mechanical engineering is a fundamental step in the life cycle of the building process, although it’s not about mechanics alone. Mechanical, electrical, and public health are all-encompassing. Karno Energy deploys its mechanical consultants to ensure each tool and machine is working effectively and efficiently.

Our consultants are an indispensable part of the Karno Energy team. Their feedback is valued in every aspect of the construction process. Karno Energy offers complete building services for every type of project, regardless of size. Think bigger. Do smarter.

Electrical Engineering

As advanced as the digital era has become, systems and devices cannot function without electrical engineering. Having a sound infrastructure means having the best in the field of electrical engineering.

Why is Electrical Engineering Important?

Providing the safe, reliable, and economical distribution of energy within a determined area and having necessary expert capabilities is a crucial priority. Karno Energy electrical engineers are well versed and adept at covering a wide range of tasks which include – design and application of systems and devices, but also general design, development, testing, and the supervision of the deployment of these electrical systems and devices.

Karno Energy Electrical Engineering Consultants:

An electrical engineering consultant’s key role is providing sufficient information to clients so they can make informed, smart decisions based on their desired outcome. Karno Energy’s electrical engineering consultants have important responsibilities including, but never limited to advising clients how to establish power, lighting, and communications systems within a determined area.

Public Health Engineering

Karno Energy’s public health engineers implement the latest advances, promising to do everything in our power to present a complete and operationally sound infrastructure in relation to their health.

Here’s WHY You Need to Pay Attention

The expert public health engineers at Karno Energy make it their mission to understand the importance and urgency of having clean air and pure water. A key aim for our public health engineers is for those occupying the buildings we work on, in relation to health and wellness, to never question these things.

We focus our attention on performance and convenience services. A collaborative effort is frequently engaged, thus utilizing our team model. Our water, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers design various complex designs. We are many, working as ONE.


Fire Engineering

Fire protection engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to protect people and their environment from destructive fire, which includes: analysis of fire hazards. mitigation of fire damage by proper design, construction, arrangement, and use of buildings.

What is Fire Engineer

Risk assessment procedures in accordance with general fire science requirements are indispensable. Investing in Karno Energy means investing in resilience and safety. Since the Great Fire of London, history has taught us to act cautiously on the devastating element we know as fire.

Fire engineers have an important responsibility; making sure a structure is fire-resistant by means of proper procedures. Modern and scientific fire protection engineering principles, protect people from smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. Providing exact information is essential and it’s something we never take lightly.

Our fire engineering consultants have high standards when it comes to fire safety, resources such as efficient fire suppression systems, improving standards of fire safety designs, management of fire escapes, and having the highest standards with regard to smoke management.

Our Engineering Services

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