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Visualization – it’s not only about architecture

Feb 14, 2022 1447
Visualization – it’s not only about architecture

Usually when we hear the word 3D visualization we think of an interior design or advertising of residential complexes, but what is Karno Energy for? When you need good pictures in systems and are they needed at all? After all, engineering is about the practical, not the aesthetic. These are just lines and numbers. Systems must provide comfort and all. Is that true? Let’s deep it!

What is 3D visualization?

On the official Autodesk website is a description: 3D visualization is the process of creating graphics and rendering designs using 3D software. 

During last years, visualization occupied various spheres and become one of the most essential methods to create a high-quality digital product. Such technology now is used in a wide range of industries, from films and games to manufacturing, architecture and hospital. 

Companies, regardless of size, profits and scope, use this feature to promote, manufacture and present their products. And this tendency is only growing.

What industries are using 3D visualization?

Now we can’t even imagine how much 3D rendering influence our life! As wrote earlier, for creating the best graphic content like pictures, animation and diagrams, numerous industries started using 3D visualization. And there are some of them.

Science and technology

In this sphere process of visualization is used for modelling technical products. It makes generating drawings easier and gives customers possibility to evaluate the final product and engineers. Also, it helps to make extraordinary design and present it.

Advertising and Marketing

Animated products look more attractive than real life filming, so marketing specialists use this possibility to achieve more and more people.

Cinematography, computer games and animation

It is hard to imagine modern film or game without special 3d effects, that are created by 3d visualization, so, it has equivalent growth of quality.

Product design and manufacturing

In this sphere 3d modelling helps engineers and designers to communicate with each other, being up to date with design changes and implementing new ideas.

Interior design, architecture and construction

Finally, it’s our sphere.

Why architects and designers use visualization for their projects? Why companies and clients ready to spend extra money to render pictures often even not built?

Because it’s a possibility to see what this construction or design will be. It helps engineers and architects see complete project and correct it if needed and makes work process more effective and fast. That provides to saving clients money.

However, the role of visual mock-ups in the field of interior design and construction is not limited to demonstrating the object to the employees of the architectural bureau. 3D visualization is used to create advertisements for interiors or buildings in order to familiarize consumers with a particular offer. The peculiarity of advertising in the field of construction and architecture is that it offers something that does not yet exist. For example, an advertisement for a residential complex shows the result – the consumer sees an image of finished buildings, while their construction can only begin.

Using 3D visualization in engineering systems

Karno Energy is implementing projects around the world and in the days of COVID-19, it became even more difficult to get to the construction site. Therefore, the BIM and virtual construction industry are becoming even more relevant.

Autodesk Revit and Navisworks help to unite all parts of the building into one model because during the operation of the building every detail is important and to put all these small details into a single puzzle during construction is not an easy task.

BIM 360 helps to quickly and efficiently work with different teams, regardless of the distance between them. But in addition to the practical part of the work, there is also an aesthetic one. Consequently, 3D visualization also occupies a well-deserved part in modern construction, because it helps to show the finished product simply from the monitor screen and allows you to share data in any part of the world where there is the Internet.

Since modern man spends most of his time in buildings (apartment, house or office), now this place should be pleasant to stay. Our systems provide ideal conditions depending on the needs, whether it is an office building or a private house, but they also take up space and need to be located directly in the room, so they must fit into the interior. It’s all possible to do but to fully understand what it looks like we use rendering programs. They help to quickly and easily to create a beautiful picture of the room with our systems from the model in Revit.

After visualization

Our engineers enjoy the process of designing and modelling different types of systems and want to choose the best solution for our customers. But in order to feel the project, predict the aesthetic result and just enjoy the good work, we use Revizdo and Lumion software. Because for us engineering is not just a profession, it is a lifestyle.