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How to choose outsourcing company

Feb 28, 2022 1601
How to choose outsourcing company


BIM technology is extremely growing and gaining popularity. It is used in many of the projects and needs understanding and knowledge in various types of programs and services. To solve this problem many companies expand their staff to cover all required parts of the designing and building process. But, sometimes it’s more effective to find an outsourcing company, convey a vision and pay money for their job. It can save you time and even money. We want to present to you some points how to choose good outsourcing company.


First thing that you have to look it’s web site and portfolio there you can see the real projects and experience of the company. After all, on the site, can be written everything that company want, but it still needs to be proved deeds, and this deed is a portfolio! By carefully reviewing the portfolio, you will better understand whether the company is suitable for working with you and for your project. You can check on the works how authorized they are to do something.

Check company software and staff

Do they use the programs you need? Are they compatible with your environment? Do they have an official license? But do they have enough employees to complete the project on time? These are some of the key issues you need to clarify before working with a new outsourcing partner.

 After all, you need a reliable and most suitable partner for cooperation, so that as few points as possible interfere with the exchange of information between you.

Experience of company

BIM outsourcing companies want to know everything, and they have to be because it is their job. They have to provide a full pack of services to cover all needs that construction companies needs, but every company, as well as every person, have the most experienced and known sphere, and it is the main point for you! So, how more experience they have in your field the better quality your project will be. In this way, money and your time also will be saved.

Less attention to price

Of course, BIM outsourcing is aimed at improving work and reducing the cost of labour. But here it is important not to bend the stick, because first of all quality, and then the price, this is the slogan you should be guided by when choosing who to work with. After all, cheap companies often have less experience, and therefore communication can be impaired, which greatly affects the result of work.

Well-established communication

Here we will talk about communication. This is an extremely important point and sometimes even more important than experience. After all, the outsourcing company accepts your tasks and tries to bring the project to the desired result. And if there is no connection, it can have catastrophic consequences for the end result.

Before you start working together, take the initiative in this matter and find out how quickly the company you want to hire will be able to get started. Many factors can force another company to postpone the start of work, so it is worth agreeing on this issue. You may need to start later, so be sure to discuss this.


Another important factor is the quick response of the outsourcing partner because it is simply necessary for the context of rapid correction of any task. Therefore, it is desirable that the company has its own manager, who will always be “on the phone”, will always listen to you and quickly pass information to engineers and generally delegate this task, if you need to do it already.

This will save you time, health and money. Sometimes an engineer’s job can be fixed in a matter of hours, saving you hundreds of dollars, so availability is a must.

Pilot project agreement

After all, you should not rely entirely on the words of a company representative, site and even portfolio, because all this, one way or another, can be written, invented and stolen. Therefore, if you are just getting acquainted with a new company, you should sign a contract. It could be that the company will do some work for free to show that they can do it and you can trust them, or for example, start working on your project without receiving an advance, so if you do not like something, you will not lose money, but you can waste time. You decide.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider before choosing a BIM outsourcing company and we are sure that there are even more of them than we covered in this article. Before choosing a partner, clearly understand what you need, and only then, begin to agree on cooperation. We are confident that such a partnership will increase your productivity and bring more income to your company.

Karno Energy wants to help you with your projects. Check our portfolio and if you like it, we would be glad to collaborate with you.