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Benefits of Green Building Rating System

Aug 14, 2020 1274
Benefits of Green Building Rating System

The era of massive and cheap construction is mentioned today, like a ghost. Except for the problems with the organization of everyday life, “budget” construction objects are not able to provide anything else. A completely different thing is green construction. Karno Energy tells you about the “green sector” of the construction industry.

Green construction – the construction of public and industrial objects, which harmonize as much as possible with the environment and do not harm the environment. Green building objects are energy-efficient and allow to use the innovative technologies with a focus on improving the ecological state of the region.

Each building of green construction is assigned a level of compliance with green standards. The most common evaluation system is LEED.

The rating system of green construction evaluation

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – a guide to energy and environmental design. Developed and adopted in 1998 by the American Council for Green Building issues.

The LEED evaluation system can objectively analyze the state of these structures:

· Residential complexes (new construction);

· Schools

· Hospitals;

· Trading institutions;

· Production facilities.

LEED evaluates not only individual buildings but also determines the level of compliance with the green standards of the area where they are located. Also, this rating system assesses the interior of the apartments and the exterior design.

The rating scale has 100 points. LEED system is capable of accrediting the building for four levels.

· standard certificate (40-49 points);

· silver certificate (50-59 points);

· gold certificate (60-79 points);

· platinum certificate (from 80 points and above).

The following areas of analysis are taken into account: efficiency of use of water and energy resources, air purity, general ecology of the region, building materials and technologies, architecture and influence of structures on the socio-economic development of the region (regional priority).

Other evaluation systems

1. BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) – the method of the environmental assessment of the efficiency of structures. The evaluation system was developed by a British non-commercial company in 1990. To date, the BREEAM system has analyzed more than 1.2 million buildings, including 1 million – construction of new construction.

The assessment is carried out according to the 5-point system. The analysis takes into account the factors of influence on neighbouring objects and the environment of the entire region. BREEAM can be adapted for an objective assessment of buildings at any corner of the Earth.

2. Energy Star – An International Standard for Energy Efficiency. The Energy Star rating is conducted separately from LEED and BREEAM. This standard analyzes energy-efficient building technologies. The Energy Star certificate is awarded to buildings that have reduced the load on standard electricity supply and heat supply systems by 20-30%. It is understood that the load was reduced due to the transition to alternative sources of electric and thermal energy.

In addition, the Energy Star sign is also found on many household appliances, industrial equipment, and the like. The Energy Star logo says that the technology uses energy-efficient technologies.

What does a certificate of compliance with the norm of green construction give?

Almost all buildings, which have confirmation of compliance with the green standards, receive permission to introduce into the structure of engineering systems of innovative technologies. That is the building marked “green building” has the right to use alternative energy sources that do not harm the environment. In addition, compliance with green standards automatically increases the level of comfort of apartments.


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