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Green BIM – Green Building Is Already In Ukraine

Aug 18, 2020 889
Green BIM – Green Building Is Already In Ukraine

Ecological design is one of the most important areas of modern architecture. The buildings constructed in this way are different, there are no typical solutions in the industry, and each project is unique. Today we will tell you about a new and, to a certain extent, unique technology in the Ukrainian market of energy solutions, called Green BIM.

Green BIM is a symbiosis of two seemingly unlimited areas: the BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the Green Building Industry (BIM) strategy. After all, the introduction of BIM-technologies aims to reduce the cost and duration of the project, while adherence to the basic principles of green construction, as a rule, leads to an increase in the cost and duration of work. But the development of information and energy technologies allowed us to combine both directions to maximize the cost of construction and operation of the facility and increase the level of comfort.

Implementation of the Green BIM concept involves several main steps, among which:

· Analysis of climatic conditions;

· Modelling of engineering systems;

· Designing the concept of building use.

Designing for the Green BIM concept should take into account many factors. We will tell you about them in detail.

The place of location

This item is very important for the construction of an energy-efficient home. The natural and climatic conditions in the location and the way in which they will affect the building should be taken into account. It also includes the choice of optimal orientation towards the world, analysis of sunlight, determination of the potential of using wind turbines.

The form.

This item is directly related to the previous one because the most optimal form of construction depends on the geographical and climatic conditions in the location. For example, if there are strong winds in the area, it makes sense to give preference to the streamlined form.

Terms of use of the building.

It is important to understand the conditions of future operations of the house, the number of people who will live in it, or stay on it regularly, and so on. The design stage should take into account the typical operating schedule (the building and equipment itself). It can be a residential house, which is used mainly in the morning and evening, and in the daytime is almost empty; or an office that works according to a certain schedule and closes at night.

The problem of temperature preservation.

The building should be designed in such a way that the heat loss is minimal.

The materials

The materials should be environmentally friendly, and it is desirable that they are manufactured and procured as close as possible to the construction site in order to reduce transportation costs.

Zoning of placements

It is being implemented to increase the efficiency of their use.

The engineering systems.

The use of the most modern, reliable, and rational in terms of utilizing the resources of engineering systems (ventilation, heating, water supply, air conditioning, etc.) is foreseen.

Renewable energy sources.

The Green BIM concept involves the use of renewable energy sources, although this is not always possible.

Part of the above problems can be solved by the architect himself (for example, the form of a building or the zoning of the premises), while for others, the involvement of automated simulation systems is required. After that, you can analyze the energy efficiency of the building, calculate energy consumption, and cost at all stages of the construction. On the basis of the information model, a lot of tests and simulations of the operation of the building are carried out under different conditions, which allows a better evaluation of the project in terms of energy efficiency.

With the correct use of the strategy, Green BIM allows you to get at the same time several effective projects of one building and choose among them the most suitable option.


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