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BIM – Standards In The Mechanical Segment: Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning

Sep 3, 2020 670
BIM – Standards In The Mechanical Segment: Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning

Over the past few years, in the construction projects of an international level, there has been a real revolution that BIM- technology has implemented. Therefore, native builders who deal with international standards or wish to take part in international construction projects will definitely have to establish the construction on the basis of BIM.

BIM (Building Information Model) is a building information model. The technology goes beyond the classical systems of automated design (CAD). It is the basis or foundation for all stages of construction. If CAD opens the way to architectural design work in individual construction projects, then BIM combines all construction: from designing engineering systems to purchasing materials and even service of the facility after its commissioning

BIM design of the main engineering systems

BIM-technology allows you to create projects dependent on each other engineering systems. For example, air conditioning specialists have developed and integrated a climate system scheme into a common BIM project. The building program displays a general three-dimensional model of the object and shows how it will interact with neighboring engineering systems. That is, it is possible to immediately identify in which places there will be conflicts between communication, where they will be crossed, and how safe they will be for each other.

Unlike classical CAD, BIM technology provides information on the technological features of the engineering system (circuit diagram, name and characteristics of equipment, the possibility of modernization, etc.), and the process of creating communications (technological map of construction), and the dynamics of the interaction of design systems between themselves and with the environment.

It should be noted that even if the planned project engineering system will make unscheduled changes then all developers of the general construction project will know about them. For example, the engineer decided to save on the quality of air conditioners or cooling reagents and made changes before purchasing construction materials. That is, the employee wanted to put a difference from the planned and real costs of himself in his pocket. BIM platform automatically makes changes to the budget, and also proves information about “unscheduled” changes to the attention of the monitoring commission.

Advantages of BIM-technologies

· The only working platform for all project participants.

· Maximum transparency at all stages of project implementation.

· Automatical coordination of all employees in real-time.

· Ability to study the project on a three-dimensional model.

· Automatic search for errors and miscalculations.

· Forecasting emergencies and finding weaknesses.

· BIM-construction allows to systematize and generalize all aspects affecting the design, construction, operation, and even utilization of the controlled object.

Regulation of the sphere of BIM-construction by the authorities

In Ukraine, there is almost no interest in BIM-technologies among public organizations. BIM standards are used by several organizations involved in international construction projects.

From neighboring Belarus only began to implement BIM-construction standards. By comparison, in the UK, BIM standards from 2011 are mandatory in the public and industrial sectors. In the US, BIM technologies are being implemented since 2003 (at present the BIM sector has 30 million square meters of housing and engineering space).

Today, no international construction project can do without a BIM platform.


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