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What is BIM COBie?

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange or COBie – a spreadsheet data format that contains digital information about a building in as complete and as useful a form as possible. It is closely associated with building information modelling (BIM) approaches to design, construction, and management of built assets.

COBie doesn’t just collect data but even structures it, making it faster and easier to find needed information. This format is accessible and understandable to anyone and any organization. COBie also takes away from the client unnecessary problems and issues with construction software and other compatibility issues, as it uses a single format for reading .CSV or .XLS.

Nowadays, BIM helps not only to create 3D models but contribute to the interaction of various specialists. That’s why many organizations want to receive data in BIM COBie format suitable for subsequent operations. With Karno Energy you can incorporate data into models during design.

How does it work?

In the construction industry, the usual data transfer process is as follows:

Builders on the construction site are doing everything to transfer the entire project and information created by designers and engineers. Then it takes a long time to gather all the information, which is then delivered to the owner in various data formats.

This creates a lot of mess that needs to be sorted out from scratch. Therefore, this data is often relocated and attempted to be structured for management.

In turn, COBie helps to solve this problem at the beginning of the process, accumulating data gradually and updating them as needed. Then the process of organizing data for teams is greatly simplified, and there is an opportunity to create a single report in a single format.

Why do you need it?

There are the main benefits of BIM COBie:

  • As mentioned earlier COBie information is mostly structured data, so this tool makes data management even more efficient. In the process of creating a project, a lot of information is produced and changed, and COBie helps to organize and manage this data and standardize it. That is one of the biggest benefits of COBie.
  • It also helps to share information more efficiently, as it reduces the number of errors and inaccuracies, as well as the need to recollect data.
  • COBie facilitates and speeds up the process of gathering information.
  • And most importantly, COBie not only efficiently collects data but is also the best tool for data transfer, because it is formed in one format, which has a certain standard that is clear to everyone.

BIM COBie. Fast Data Embedding

The usage of the BIM COBie method lets you use 3D models filled with information for everyday tasks. With this BIM technology, you can manage the repair schedule or maintenance. This BIM data visualization tool gets the project manager’s chance to use the data without the model itself.

But he can still see this data in the convenient form, like a table. Karno Energy offers new data visualization tools able to process large data sets. Combine and enrich the data flow by simply linking the table’s properties.

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