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BIM Clash Detection. Why Is It Worth Trying?

Any construction begins with certain planning. It is necessary to think about such components as budget, materials, people who will build, because planning will save time, resources and money. Importantly to make sure all building communications, MEP systems or Structural, are correlated with each other properly.

Some time ago this task was quite complicated and demanded the efforts of a large group of professionals. Human errors were not rare as well. Thus there were certain risks to do something wrong during the modelling process. Modern advances in graphics and design led to the creation of a BIM clash detection service.

With BIM coordination you could identify and solve design problems before they arise on the construction site. Also, you can mitigate budget and scheduling risks before breaking ground.

What is Clash Detection?

Clash detection is the process of identifying collisions based on the BIM model. This process is aimed to predict possible conflicts of communicating systems within a particular building. Clash Detection service significantly speeds up the identification and correction of many problems before construction begins, and thus improves the quality of the result, reducing the cost of materials, correction and builders who will solve problems “on-site”.

To identify them with clash detection BIM service, we create 3D perspectives of every room with clear indications of pipelines, air shafts, or electrical wiring. A thorough inspection of every module helps to avoid both soft and hard clashes. 

Coordination between architects, MEP engineers, structural engineers and other design team members is the key to reducing construction costs. With BIM you can improve multi-discipline coordination and help resolve clashes within the model before any resources are committed on-site.

What about Karno Energy?

Karno Energy provides clash detection services and clash reports for each model of the project. We give the list with a small snapshot, number of the clash, date of modifying and the deadline for resolving. Also, it has priority, type and status of the clash. See example here.

We provide our clients with an optimized model with all possible resolved intersections and a list of intersections for other engineers and architects to work better together and ensure the best quality of the project.

Experience and knowledge of Karno Energy in identifying intersections has already helped many of our clients save money and time, as fixing problems directly on the construction site is one of the biggest losses of money in the field of construction.


Advantages of BIM Clash Detection

  • All possible difficulties are identified before the working staff faces them on site;
  • It takes less time to complete the full safety inspection of the building;
  • Computer models are easier to use than paper drawings;
  • A 3D model is flexible and can be modified in different ways, depending on the current needs;

If you want to know more about the features of BIM for Clash Detection services, please, feel free to contact our company right now.

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