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What Does 4D BIM Modelling And Scheduling Of Construction Plan Mean?

4D BIM modelling combines 3D models and time-schedule planning of the construction process. In few words, 4D model = 3D model + time information.

Thank that creates a visualization of the building process with logistics, materials placement and the number of people. The whole process of erecting the building looks like an animated movie with possibilities to stop and comment the process, detect workflow clashes and optimize work of builders and vehicles.

With the help of BIM 4D KE’s team can associate the digital model with the project schedule. Thus, Karno Energy uses 4D BIM Planning for intelligent time planning of fulfilling each of the construction stages.

Useful Information On 4D BIM Modelling, Scheduling, Simulation Service

Our work requires using the latest and most precise tools. Among them are BIM 4D simulation, BIM 4D scheduling and modelling. They allow us to avoid any conflict between the building’s parts. These simulation and visualization 4D BIM mechanisms show us the whole construction process in time progression. Karno Energy specialists watch, reveal every missing/unwanted component of the project, thus adding or removing it.

The Benefits Of 4D BIM Modelling:

  • Improved way to schedule all working stages;
  • Increased quality of planning;
  • Abilities to avoid possible clashes;
  • Failure risk reduction.

5D BIM Modelling - The New Era For Construction Cost Estimation

The task of 5D BIM model is to combine 3D model, time schedule planning and cost estimation of construction. This is 4D model + estimate. The function of this model is to provide construction financing and to track and edit, if necessary, costs in the construction process for accurate calculation.

Shortly, BIM 5D is the opportunity available at the BIM platform. Introducing 5D BIM into the work process, cost managers can prepare BOMs and other documentation with detailed preciseness.

With BIM technology our experts can calculate not only the general project cost. The materials price, the labour cost and the time of the construction process can be predicted as well. Thus, BIM cost estimating allows professionals to improve service quality and communicate with the project team productively.

BIM 5D Services

Ordering project BIM estimating from the Karno Energy company, you’ll get the full spectrum of services. We’ll help you manage all the documentation for the multidisciplinary works necessary. You can be sure that with BIM 5D the quantity take-offs for every building will be the most effective. We’re ready to do our best to find the most optimal solution for every stage of construction and BIM 5D is a key to optimal estimation.

5D BIM Services include:

  • Accurate cost estimation for future projects and ongoing ones at any stage;
  • Highlighting the smallest differences between tender and real BOQ;
  • Conversion of the existing model to the 5D-modeling;
  • Extracting necessary information from BIM-ready models.

What is 6D BIM Modelling?

6D BIM Modelling is a full building erection process analysis and datum on what happens to it during life cycle.

Simple software such as Autodesk AutoCAD and other CAD programs can’t always create an overall digital model satisfying modern clients’ needs. That’s why 6D BIM modelling is popular in modern architects’ and builders’ work.

Karno Energy uses BIM Sustainability and BIM Energy Analysis for construction optimization. Thus, BIM 6D simulations are used for effectively gaining real-time insight into energy and time-consuming processes inside buildings.

BIM 6D Services

Our company use the best BIM 6D tools throughout the whole construction process. One of the best options is Autodesk Revit. The app can design a digital building model showing environmental or other influences on any project element. The info updates automatically, thus it’s always actual.

As a matter of fact, 6D BIM tools include various means of sustainability. Karno Energy offers you the following benefits:

  • The creation of Energy Analysis Models (EAM). Basically, an Energy Analysis Model (EAM) is an intermediate link that completes the interactive overview of the building’s heat transfer and energy system;
  • Perfectly prepared model for automatical creation EAM;
  • Calculating the material amount and its value.

BIM 4D, 5D, 6D Services

Our company use the best BIM tools throughout the whole construction process. One of the best options is Autodesk Revit and Navisworks. The apps can design a digital building model showing environmental or other influences on any project element. The info updates automatically, thus it’s always actual.

Karno Energy provides the whole process of the BIM model – from 3D Modelling to 6D Sustainable model. This technology ensures stable erecting of the building during the whole construction process and even after. Except time and costs, BIM provides the whole lifecycle of the building, even demolition. The future is here, and we create it.

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