Engineering systems
with the use of renewable energy 
and modern BIM construction technologies.

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BIM Outsourcing Company – What Is It All About?

The 21st century is at full swing and that means saying good-bye to traditional methods of construction. It’s not a secret that BIM approach has recently become extremely popular. This lead to an increased demand for BIM outsourcing. 

You might want to know how good a BIM outsourcing company, Karno Energy is. Well, here’s the deal. In Karno Energy a management process can be performed both personally, by a team of well-trained professionals, or remotely, preserving the same high efficiency and quality. We are eagerly providing BIM outsourcing services for companies and projects of different value and lifecycle. Among the crucial tasks to which we are capable of finding the best solution possible are:

  • Planning and organizing the initial stages of the project
  • The creation of project briefs which are easy to follow and understand even by the team of foreign professionals
  • Marking the intermediate goals for every stage of work
  • Providing the project with all the necessary software

As you see, BIM outscoring is a win-win choice for both sides involved in business relations. If you have to build something, it could be rather expensive to hire and pay taxes for the whole crew of smart fellows with computers. Karno Energy’s reputation and high working discipline allow us to feel confident competing on the British market. However, every potential client of BIM outsourcing business must know exactly why he wants to use help «from beyond».

Unlike a typical BIM outsourcing company, Karno Energy has always put the client’s needs above all. Our credo is «less sophistication – more explanation». If you would like to cooperate, feel free to contact our manager and get answers to all your possible questions.

Structural Engineering

To ensure both high reliability and durability of crucial parts of any building, we offer a wide range of structural engineering that will fit the needs of your particular project. 

BIM Structural Services


A well-performed preliminary preparation is indispensable at any stage of the construction. With the help of our Architecture BIM services, you will get a perfectly designed model of any difficulty.

Architecture BIM Services
BIM Modeling

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) –  3D digital model of the building, which contains all necessary project information, allows all project participants to interact in an online mode, jointly optimize decisions and identify critical points of intersection prior to the actual construction.

BIM MEP Services

Building Services

Our building services will help you to find the most harmonious way of distributing plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems within the building. Precise calculation of costs and materials is included.

Engineering is not just a profession, it is a lifestyle.

Karno Energy Company offers a comprehensive approach in the engineering systems design using renewable energy and advanced BIM technology construction. Our team consists of professional engineers and scientists united with the common idea of “green energy”, so we can solve complex problems pertaining to a wide variety of HVAC and Plumbing design problems and provide high-quality engineering solutions to meet individual client requirements.

Appreciating the views of customers and architects, our engineering projects meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and aesthetic appearance. Each project is unique and requires a deep study, for this purpose we use modern methods of 3D analysis (Revit, Navisworks, etc) and high-performance solution. We have a successful collaboration with native & foreign clients and many happy customers all over the world.

We can listen carefully to our customers and appreciate their time, so we haven’t got similar projects. Each detail is important to create a perfect comfort in the building.

Karno Energy

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