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Mechanical Engineering

We look at buildings as if they’re living, breathing beings. Just like a person needs their heart, lungs, and arteries to function properly, the buildings we design must run efficiently and be completely optimized.

The ventilation, heating, and cooling systems are the arteries, lungs, and heart of a building. Karno Energy’s expert mechanical engineers understand this and have the skills to deliver within a given field, both expeditiously and professionally.  

Mechanical engineering is a fundamental step in the life cycle of the building process, although it’s not about mechanics alone. Mechanical, electrical, and public health are all-encompassing. Karno Energy deploys their mechanical consultants to ensure each tool and machine is working effectively and efficiently.

Our consultants are an indispensable part of the Karno Energy team. Their feedback is valued on every aspect of the construction process. Karno Energy offers complete building services for every type of project, regardless of size. Think bigger. Do smarter.

The manner in which professionals conduct themselves matters. Karno Energy believes in leading by example. Our goal is always building long-term relationships along with implementing the highest quality of standards.

Prior to every project, our mechanical engineers present the full layout of systems and subsystems within their services and breakdown the benefits to the client.

Looking at a relative example, the mechanical ventilation setup requires accurate aerodynamic calculations, an analysis of the installed equipment, a visual layout for architects, and a detailed audit of all required materials through a collaborative approach. 

Client support at all stages of a project, from concept to end result, is crucial for us to grow. Karno Energy mechanical engineers will work tirelessly to create the perfect BIM model and have it meet BIM level 2 standards as well as the accommodating information.

Electrical Engineering

As advanced as the digital era has become, systems and devices cannot function without electrical engineering. Having a sound infrastructure means having the best in the field of electrical engineering.

Why is Electrical Engineering Important?

Providing the safe, reliable, and economical distribution of energy within a determined area and having necessary expert capabilities is a crucial priority. Karno Energy electrical engineers are well versed and adept at covering a wide range of tasks which include – design and application of systems and devices, but also general design, development, testing, and the supervision of the deployment of these electrical systems and devices.

Our electrical engineers have a crucial job: making sure that all work is installed and performing according to the specifications of clients.

Building owners and architects must take into account hundreds of possible curveballs, being ready to adjust to any part of their work at a moment’s notice. Structures must be sound, comfortable, and display internal and external resiliency, keeping in mind the ever-present possibility of dealing with repairs and maintenance of electrical equipment.

Karno Energy Electrical Engineering Consultants:

An electrical engineering consultant’s key role is providing sufficient information to clients so they can make informed, smart decisions based on their desired outcome. Karno Energy’s electrical engineering consultants have important responsibilities including, but never limited to advising clients how to establish power, lighting, and communications systems within a determined area.

Karno Energy works ONLY with certified electrical experts. Their approach to electrical engineering is both professional and passionate. This helps exponentially with dealing with the more complicated tasks on a given property.

Our Principles AT WORK:

The technologies in our modern world are vast. Karno Energy stays ahead of it all! We position our clients to have access to cutting-edge technologies. Our electrical engineers and design pros work closely with the public health, fire, and mechanical departments respectively and provide quality services during the construction stage.

From retail to commercial to residential, Karno Energy lives by the law of three Ps: Professionalism, Persistence, and Punctuality.

We adhere and abide to these ‘core’ principles, making us a true leader in mechanical, structural, and architectural engineering consulting. We truly transport our clients into a new era of building.

What Makes Karno Energy YOUR PERFECT Choice?

Simply put, Karno Energy believes strongly in the value of teamwork. Individual success is important on some level, but coordinating and collaborating internally is an elemental part of how we relay information effectively and expeditiously. Being a team means working together.

Working in sync to achieve our goals so YOU can too! By utilizing the team model, we can lighten your load in regard to computations, lighting design, grounding/bonding procedures, energy audits, utilities consulting, and so much more! ALL matters concerning electricity and energy is our professional duty.

Karno Energy delivers the latest advances in electrical engineering including BIM and 3D modelling. We’ve developed an impressive database by any standards, of Revit families which allows us to work quickly to match client and architect requests.

Based on technical manufacturing documentation, Karno Energy engineers have created detailed Revit families from LOD 200 to LOD 500.

Exceeding Clients Expectations, Needs, and Desires:

We never put our clients in the way of any unnecessarily risky practices. Karno Energy is supported by highly skilled team experts and that’s not JUST a line either. Implementing new ideas such as smart lighting controls, is just ONE example of how we determine the best route to follow for our clients.

Public Health Engineering

Some of the basic elements that are classified under Public Health include the following systems: water, waste, fire, and drainage. One of our biggest goals for future residents or professionals of a building we work on is for them to love it in regard to sanitation, safety, comfortability.

Karno Energy’s public health engineers implement the latest advances, promising to do everything in our power to present a complete and operationally sound infrastructure in relation to their health.

Here’s WHY You Need to Pay Attention

Meeting requirements for the well-being of those who either live or work in our building is absolutely vital, otherwise, NO ONE will like it let alone love it.

The expert public health engineers at Karno Energy make it their mission to understand the importance and urgency of having clean air and pure water. We work diligently to make every aspect of public health clear, reliable, and optimally functioning.

Residents or professionals tend to not second guess the fact that they’re drinking clean and breathing clear. A key aim for our public health engineers is for those occupying the buildings we work on, in relation to health and wellness, to never question these things.

We focus our attention on performance and convenience services. A collaborative effort is frequently engaged, thus utilizing our team model. Our water, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers design various complex designs. We are many, working as ONE.

Going to Green?

Green building programs such as LEED, (U.S.), and BREEAM, (U.K.), have revolutionized and simplified options for climate-conscious professionals and building residents. Such programs help ensure:

– Savings on energy at maximum levels

– Water efficiency

– Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

– Cleaner, healthier quality of indoor air

– Regulate and utilize resources

– Lower operation and maintenance costs

Convenience: A Must-Have Commodity

Putting our feet in the shoes of our clients is a practice we deem essential. Karno Energy always begins with this necessary perspective, which aides us to gain a complete grasp of the exactness of their needs and wants. Convenience, simplicity, and maintenance are all taken into account. Our credo: “Score twice before cutting once.”

Laying a solid foundation for the planning and strategizing stage is an especially crucial component to our team’s overall progress and end goal. Discussions are aptly followed by calculations to gauge the visions of clients.

Karno Energy’s public health engineers work in harmony with all team members to produce precise results in regard to water pressure, waste systems, and the installation of water management systems.

Looking for Professionals? Look No Further

Taking big yet measured steps brings public health to a whole new and exciting level. With digital design, finding new labor resources on an international level saves a load of time.

Integrating building modelling, Revit, and Navisworks is immensely helpful software. By implementing and utilizing the right tools, we guide our clients toward true greatness.

Facade Engineering Appearance + Materials

Facade engineering is the art and science of resolving aesthetic, environmental, and structural issues, achieving effectively, the enclosure of buildings pertaining to the needs of our clients.

The facade is the meeting point of other building disciplines and our building envelope designs integrate with the structure, building services, and others. By understanding the strategic missions of the project at its earliest stages, we can show how the building envelope can achieve the best possible outcome.

Fire Engineering

Some building engineering consultants prefer to stick to good old ways of dealing with possible problems. However, the rapid development of computer techs allows to resort to advanced software in the field of design and building construction.

One of the most significant tools of that kind is building information modelling (BIM). In Karno Energy, we possess solid experience of working with BIM on different stages of project realization. Whether you are an architect or a building owner, you will definitely appreciate the advantages of the BIM approach.

Incorporating our dedicated commitment to fire engineering goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway. These services in buildings have evolved to deal with any unprecedented dangers or threats. Compliance review, communications systems, fire detection design, fire, and building safety covers a huge range. Being transparent with developers, owners, code officials, and architects, in regard to risk, reviews, and code requirements is crucial to delivering advanced and appropriate fire safety building designs.

Karno Energy’s fire engineering consulting team stays actively involved throughout the modelling, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of all fire safety features. Our team’s expertise in performance-based solutions in the area of fire engineering is unparalleled. We keep residents and professionals safe while meeting challenges pertaining to aesthetics, functionality, and cost-efficiency.

What is Fire Engineering?

 Looking at all given parameters of a building, along with considering the many types of existing structures, Karno Energy’s fire engineers suggest only the best and safest route.

Fire protection engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to protect people and their environment from destructive fire, which includes: analysis of fire hazards. mitigation of fire damage by proper design, construction, arrangement, and use of buildings.

Having proper fire prevention measures in place probably sounds obvious, but let’s dive deeper. Both architects and building owners must take these factors seriously. Losing a friend or a colleague to a fire could be the untimely and unfortunate results of a rushed or botched job. Taking shortcuts is never an option.

Risk assessment procedures in accordance with general fire science requirements are indispensable. Investing in Karno Energy means investing in resilience and safety. Since the Great Fire of London, history has taught us to act cautiously of the devastating element we know as fire.

Fire engineers have an important responsibility; making sure a structure is fire resistant by means of proper procedures. Modern and scientific fire protection engineering principles, protect people from smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. Providing exact information is essential and it’s something we never take lightly. Our fire engineering consultants have high standards when it comes to fire safety, resources such as efficient fire suppression systems, improving standards of fire safety designs, management of fire escapes, and having the highest standards with regard to smoke management.

We’re Responsible for Delivering on Our Promises:

Total satisfaction is our expectation. Our priority here at Karno Energy is to combine fire safety with flexibility, achieving all desired goals. Without having the highest of standards, buildings will fail inspections and close down due to an overabundance of malfunctions. Doing the job that we sought out to do and being the best at it, benefits us and our clients.

Our fire safety engineers will design all fire systems and introduce any fire-fighting measures, matching the needs of the total required construction. With BIM software incorporated, our engineers can get a detailed perspective of the entire working area which speeds up the overall construction process.

How We Make Our Clients Happy:

Karno Energy brings life to original ideas and incorporates them to the building design. Having proper fire safety protocols are essential. Our fire engineers determine any abstract source of fire in a building, looking in critical danger zones. By providing guidance with all systems in fire management, we can secure the functionality and sustainability of the overall design.

We calculate the behavior of materials and structural elements in the event of extremely high temperatures. Taking such measured action also includes supplying evacuation routes and choosing the best fire-extinguishing systems, (active or passive.) We do this for a wide range of building types such as retail, residential, commercial, data centers, and science facilities.

We Value Life. Human life is precious. Karno Energy and our fire engineering consultants stand guard overall safety concerns, along with the safety of any building’s occupants. Karno Energy implements the latest advances in the field of BIM and 3D modelling, creating a well-protected environment for all. Supporting our clients at all stages, from concept to completion, and with the highest of standards is what we strive for.

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